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As you probably know Mojang is hard at work getting version 1.6 ready for deployment.  I apologize that work, home responsibilities and a much needed vacation have delayed the launch of our new map.  So we are going to focus on building the new map for 1.6.  That means horses,  the newest addition to the Minecraft world.  If you haven’t already done so, check out the latest snapshot in single player mode.  Since activity on the current map has all but stopped, I’ve used the server to host a vanilla 1.6 map.  I will keep the server updated to the most recent snapshot so we can play around with the new features.  As I have more time to get the rest of our systems up and running again I will make more available.  We’ve put a lot of thought into what direction this server is going to take.  Feel free to contribute on the forums!


Get the latest Minecraft 1.6 snapshot launcher at

Or direct links (current as of today)




The new server is up and going. is live!

We are working on the new map now. Expect the switch in the next few days. We’re fixing bugs with the current plugins and adding new minigames plus a bigger shop!

If you have any projects in the current map that you can’t bare to lose please let us know where to find it. We’ll do our best to recover it for you. You can’t keep items, expensive blocks, or money. We’re trying to build a fair economy, but hopefully we can save your /f home.

TeamSpeak server is available as well. Just connect to

Get the latest TeamSpeak client.

Currently online:

  • Hunger Games
  • Factions
  • PvP arena

Planned features in next deployment:

  • Sky block
  • Multi server support
  • Better economy and shop