Server Update


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.50.35 AM

As you can see The website looks professional, This is just the beginning of a long string of changes, We’re probably going to get rid of Cracked, and Start going online mode, Then Messing with Our Bungee, Yes that means /server may no longer work.

But you will still be able to type in the port number for Each server Like minigames, So like 64Stack:92368 (not a real port number.)

We’ll start advertising, Alot Well post our image everywhere We can when the server is finished, I won’t say that is soon, but just know it’s coming, Everything I just said may or may not happen, We may keep bungee, and Cracked, So please help us, Suggest some stuff, plugins, knowledge, ect. Enlighten us, oh Btw comjosh64 needs a pick-me-up, and a hug.


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