1.6 Update!

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.34.33 AM

Mojang has announced that the official 1.6 update will be Monday June, 1 2013! This is great news. 1.6 is a major update and gives us a lot of new stuff. It will be a little while before our server can be fully updated to 1.6 as we have to wait on various developers to release new versions that are compatible. For now we will be running two servers:

Main Server: 64stack.com – VERSION: 1.5.2 [Includes Factions, PVP, Hunger Games, and other Plugins]

1.6 Server: 64stack.com:25522 – VERSION 1.6.1 [Vanilla server. Map has been duplicated from main server, but there are no plugins]

Download the 1.6 launcher here. YOU MUST HAVE A PREMIUM MOJANG ACCOUNT!!



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